What We Do

Community Outreach
Some examples of our outreach activities include public lectures, field trips for adults, community-based participatory research, community workshops and development of educational materials or citizen's guides.


Marches & Rallies
Parades, demonstrations, marches, rallies. No matter what they are called, perhaps the single most powerful, peaceful way to bring about social change is for people to stand together publicly on behalf of an important cause.


Learning Opportunities
We offer a variety of half=day and full day informational and learning sessions throughout the year. Topics have included practical tips on how to shop for the right firearm to match your needs and what you should know about CT firearms & self defense laws with regards to carrying a pistol, sales and transfer of firearms, use of force, and self-defense.


Self Defense Skills Development
Being able to protect yourself in all situations is a great confidence booster as much as it is a reassurance. Today, when people think about self defense classes, they tend to think about women and children, but self defense classes are for everyone.

From live fire training to personal protection practices, we try to provide a wide range of opportunities for our followers..